Test any change made on your website before publishing it

Sometimes you come up with a fantastic SEO strategy, but the results obtained are not what you expected. At FandangoSEO, we don’t want to see drama, especially when it comes to website performance. We strongly recommend you to test your website in a staging environment when you make relevant changes on your website. Make sure that your site is free of errors, such as broken links or crawling issues that could affect negatively to your website traffic or SERP ranking position.

Test your website in a staging environment

Using FandangoSEO, you can configure your projects, so it runs in a staging environment. Whether you have a new website or you’ve made significant changes to the current one, it is always a good idea to check its crawlability before publishing it.

Good website crawlability

When you create a new website, or you make some structural changes on your site, crawling errors may occur. Some of the most common errors are broken links (404s), redirects (301s), or server errors (500s). Crawling your site with FandangoSEO, you’ll instantly visualize if you have any of these issues. If errors are detected, you’ll get information about what type of error it is (what status code is returning) and where it has occurred. This data will help you to address any issue quickly.

Check your Content Quality with SEO metrics

You can review that the content of your website is written correctly for the readers. Surely you have excellent skills to capture the attention of your audience, but what about search engines? Before publishing new content, you can check if it is suitable for SEO. Make sure that search engines consider your information as valuable. Avoid duplicate meta descriptions, pages blocked by robots.txt, empty titles, short Headers, etc.

Avoid Ranking Drops Testing Your SEO Performance in a Staging Environment

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